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About US

liveleak is your social video factory where you can create videos and gifts to share on your social media accounts or anywhere else you’d like. It’s really easy to use. You can upload your own media videos, images, sounds, graphics as an item, and then you can fix it once your video is uploaded.

Or if you see another video on this site you’d like to fix, just click the fix button beneath the video here you’ll see various templates to use. But you can just use our default template if you’d like to create your own custom mashup. Once you’re on your timeline.

All you have to do is choose what you’d like to add clips, images, sounds, graphics and text, or what effects you’d like to use. And then arrange them on the timeline, trim them, move them, do whatever you need to do to get that video just how you want it.

Once you’re happy with your Fix, you can save it, publish it to the site, or share it anywhere you want. You can even download it. Come and get your Fix today on liveleak.com